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Mastery Readiness Programme

Teaching for Mastery work group programme

Maths SLE programme 

Teaching Assistant SKE

TFM Work group schools

Mathematical thinking for the GCSE

Y5-8 continuity

Challenging Topics for GCSE

Supporting Post-16 Resits

Core Maths

Embedding Technology in Level 3 Maths

Local Projects

EYFS developing number sense

I can calculate (FS-Y1 transition focus)

IMC- Intervention in a mastery context

Maths SL events

Excellent Maths Teacher Programme 

Aspiring Maths SLE programme 

Connecting ITT

Various Maths CPD training offers

TSST Secondary Maths 

HOD meetings 

NQT programme 

KS3 Reasoning 

Secondary CPD network 

Excellent Maths Teacher Programme 

Aspiring Maths SLE

In-School ‘Core Mathematics Roadshow’ - Enrichment Opportunities for Y10 students 

Innovation Projects

Maths and SEND


Parents as Partners
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Primary China England
Singapore Textbooks
Maths Masters

Secondary China England
KS3 Reasoning

Making Sense of Maths Programme