Maths Mastery- in association with the ‘Ark Academy’ project


Primary- 9 schools (St Helens and Knowsley) have been involved in the programme since September 2015; this includes: Y1 teachers and Maths SLs from across the schools are being highly trained in the ‘Teaching for Mastery’ core principles. Materials are being trailed and networks have been created to collaborate to share findings.

Secondary- Rainford High Technology College has joined The Mathematics Mastery  (MM) partnership which aims for exceptional achievement in Mathematics for all students through exemplary teaching.  MM strongly believe in an entitlement to a great mathematics education for all students, whatever their background or prior attainment. Central to this is the belief that everyone can improve and effort is more important than “ability”, the lessons focus is on problem solving and depth of understanding. The philosophy is centred on wanting all children to think like mathematicians not just DO maths.

MM believe that pupils should:

• explore, wonder and  question

• compare, classify and sort

• experiment, play with possibilities, modify things and see what would happen

• make theories, predictions and draw conclusions

Mathematics Mastery is a long-term programme based on evidence and research.  Although it’s in its early days of implementation, research by the University of Central London and the University of Cambridge has shown impact even after only one year of use. Teachers at Rainford are really enjoying the challenge of teaching Mastery lessons and can see the benefit for all students. The scheme develops student’s core skills whilst also allowing them to explore and reason mathematically. 

Student’s resilience is building and feedback has been positive. Some of the quotes from our year 7 students are: “I enjoy the parts when the maths teacher asks us to come up and tell us our strategy” “Doing problem solving by using the equipment helps because it makes working things out easy.” 

“I enjoy looking at different ways of working questions out.”