I Can Calculate


‘I Can Calculate’: from counting to calculating in early mathematics

Project Outcomes:
To improve attainment in addition and subtraction for identified groups of children by the end of year 1.

Our aim in mathematics is for all children to develop fluency, to reason mathematically and to problem-solve to meet rigorous age-related expectations. However, children starting school with less mathematical experience often become reliant on using count-in-ones strategies when calculating, limiting their ability to reason and become fluent with early calculation.

This project aims to help key groups of children to progress from using counting-in-ones to calculating strategies in early mathematics. We will identify the ‘number sense relationships’ that children must build to be able to manipulate numbers later; we will also explore how different calculation strategies are introduced to children.

By developing a strong number sense and learning to manipulate numbers, children will experience early maths as finding patterns, being creative and thinking deeply, laying the groundwork for their future mathematical success.