EYFS - Developing Mathematical fluency to raise expectation/number focus and progression (local project)



A significant amount of time has been spent by a number of EYFS practitioners on developing materials through classroom research and practice. An approach that is based on enrichment in conceptual understanding (rather than acceleration through mathematical content) has been designed and trialled by three teachers.

Research has been done into children’s accumulation of early number concepts, with particular emphasis placed on the work of American based researcher Arthur Broody. 

Within the materials designed, all children are expected to progress at a broadly similar pace through content, and differentiation is done through the processes and products expected, as well as through the development of thinking skills. Informally, the approach has been identified by all involved as being highly effective, with a particular impact seen amongst struggling learners. For the next phase of the project, 20 schools will be invited to join and trial some of the materials.

This programme has been successfully rolled out to over 60 settings and is now on phase 5 of the roll out to begin in spring 2019.  This phase is now full.


Day 1 - Friday 18th January 2019: Teachers’ introduction to the programme

TA training day - Friday 8th February 2019

Day 2 - Friday 17th May 2019: Teachers’ follow-up day

Venue: Halton Stadium

The cost of the programme is £300 for the entire package. This is heavily subsidised by Maths Hubs

Expressions of interest are now being taken for Phase 6 which will begin in Autumn 2019