Maths ITT Training



To develop a Maths ITT training programme



all ITT trainees, across the Learn and Lead patch including School Direct Trainees, PGCE (HEI involvement) and SCITT providers.


Overarching themes:

To improve Maths Pedagogy (progressional understanding) and subject knowledge
To understand the 'Purpose' of mathematics- what are we doing and why?
Teaching for Mastery and Assessment of Mastery- clarity over the principles (based on research)
To develop 'Maths for life'
To develop a growth mind set- EVERYONE can do maths!

Training to be offered initially to Maths internship trainees to pilot the project. This will then be reviewed and evaluated and offered to School Direct trainees in association with SCITT and HEIs.



Session 1: Motivation/mind set- developing mathematical resilience- to include behaviours for learning.
Role of the teacher in providing a quality maths experience.
Doug Angus- HCCS/ Mark Avis – Aspier TSA

Session 2: Questioning- a framework determining 'in the moment' questions (including stems) and designed/planned/carefully crafted questions
Craig Jeavons- HCCS/Matt Fox

Session 3: Differentiation well designed/improving and encouraging dialogue
How to challenge/support and engage ALL learners
Andy Ash/Rosie Ross- Deep Learning TSA

Session 4: Lesson design and structure
This session will draw on all previous sessions and will develop a cohesive plan to ensure trainees can plan a mathematical sequence of lessons that is progressive and cohesive- including all of the above. Craig Jeavons/Matt Fox- HCCS
School Visits Trainees to visit a carefully selected range of primary/secondary/special schools to see 'Mastery in action' Lisa Bradshaw- St Helens TSA/Maths Hub to arrange

Session 6: Reflection/feedback from school visits
Progression within maths focusing on intelligent practice/routine practice and variation
Lisa Bradshaw/Andy Ash

Session 7 Problem Solving and Fluency
Relationships between and with concepts- making connections.
Andy Ash

Session 8: Thinking skills- time for reflection
Andy Ash


Key Dates:

Start: September 2016
Finish: July 2017