NCP5 - Primary Mathematics 'Teaching for Mastery Specialist Programme'


Recruitment opportunities for teachers, and primary schools, to take teaching for mastery forward into the next school year.


Since 2014, The NCETM and Maths Hubs have been working together to develop approaches to teaching for mastery within primary mathematics. This has been informed by the teaching of mathematics in high performing South East Asian jurisdictions. In 2015, the NCETM and Maths Hubs recruited 140 teachers (four per Maths Hub) to participate in a Mastery Specialists development programme. During this academic year, the teachers have been developing teaching for mastery approaches in their own school as well as working with interested schools through pilot Teacher Research Groups  (TRG). In 2016-17, this first cohort of Mastery Specialists will all be leading Teaching for Mastery Work Groups, each with six schools.

NCP5 Primary Maths Master Teachers- Following the very successful 2015-16 Mastery Specialist programme, the NCETM and Maths Hubs are in the process of recruiting a second cohort of 140 expert primary school teachers (4 per Maths Hub) to develop and work as Primary Mathematics Teaching for Mastery Specialists. The closing date for applications was Wednesday 1st June. Successful applicants will follow a rigorous selection process and will begin training in the autumn term and in 2017-18, the Mastery Specialists will each lead a Teaching for Mastery Work Group for their Maths Hub.

NCP5 Primary Maths Mastery Work Group Schools- In 2016-17, all Maths Hubs will be running primary mathematics Teaching for Mastery Work Groups led by Mastery Specialists. Each Maths Hub is now seeking to recruit schools for four Work Groups, each involving six schools (i.e. 24 schools per Maths Hub). The closing date for application is Wednesday 8th June.

Benefits for participating schools:

Participating in the Work Group will provide the following benefits to participant schools:

• High quality support for teacher professional development for the lead teachers, facilitated  by the Mastery Specialists

• Support for the head teacher in addressing leadership issues related to teaching for mastery from the Mastery Specialist and the Maths Hub’s leadership

• Opportunity to work closely with other schools also developing teaching for mastery

• No charge for participation and a grant of £1000 to help subsidise teacher release time

Successful schools will be informed after the closing date.



NW Maths Hub 3 has recruited 8 'Maths Masters' based in primary schools in Liverpool, St Helens, Cheshire, Sefton, Knowsley, Ellesmere Port and Wirral.

The programme is designed to develop the following knowledge and skills in participating teachers:

• An understanding of the principles of mastery within the context of teaching mathematics
• A deeper subject knowledge of primary mathematics to support teaching for mastery
• The development of effective teaching techniques to support pupils in developing mastery of mathematics
• The ability to assess pupils for mastery
• The ability to support other teachers, and lead teacher research groups (*)

(*) A teacher research group (TRG) is a professional development activity attended by a group of teachers, with a specific focus on the design, delivery and learning within a jointly evaluated mathematics lesson.


Key Dates:

Start– September 2016
End - July 2018


Project Leads:

Lisa Bradshaw - NW Maths Hub 3
Sarah McLroy - NW Maths Master Lead
Maths Master Specialist Teachers