China-England Primary Education Research and Innovation Project


Teachers from the North West went on a two week visit to observe maths teaching practice in Shanghai. Two teachers from Shanghai returned in November to model their practice working with pupils across the primary phase.

Staff from 60 primary schools were involved in sending teachers to observe the Shanghai teachers at St Mary and St Thomas’ CE Primary School (Lead school).



8 St Helens Schools: St Mary and St Thomas’, Bleak Hill, St Theresa’s, Blackbrook St Mary’s, Queen’s Park, Rainhill St Ann’s, Rainford Brook Lodge and Chorley New Road (Bolton), 4 Knowsley schools: Huyton with Roby, Malvern, Plantation and St Joseph’s and 4 Warrington schools: Bruche, St Barnabas, Bradshaw, Penketh began to trial the 5 part lesson structure “Shanghai style” from Sept 2015. A further 15 Knowsley schools started the project in June 2016 and will continue to implement teaching for mastery in 2016 - 17.

Initially, the target audience for the project was Year 1 teachers and maths subject leaders.

All participating schools carried out base line assessments and attitudinal surveys at key milestones
Three “research teacher groups” have been created across the local authorities.  These will run on a termly basis focussing on development of resources to support the 5 part lesson structure
Year 1 teachers across the three RTGs will observe each other from Spring 2016 to disseminate and share good practice
Teachers and TAs are receiving ongoing CPD in the following areas: SKE, effective questioning, providing quality and effective feedback, creating variation materials, progressional “hooks” and activities to support intelligent practise. 

This work group will continue via sub-hubs based on need in 2016-17.

Project Leads:

Lisa Bradshaw - Maths Hub lead

Maths SLs, teachers and senior leaders from named schools across St Helens, Warrington and Knowsley

Tara Loughran- St Helens lead

Sarah McIlroy- Knowsley lead

Diane Jackson- Warrington lead