Secondary China England  Project



A lot of the elements of Shanghai Maths practice that led to outstanding outcomes are not transferable for the majority of English schools. The questioning and question design are. All Maths teachers could write better questions, interleaving key concepts and probing at misconceptions with a negligible impact on their schools financially and logistically. This is a key step towards mastery that a lot of current practice and research is missing.



To embed intelligent question design in the Maths faculties of the Participant schools.

To collate a bank of question sets created by the Participant schools online to spread the outcomes across the UK.

To give the Participant School Leads the confidence to disperse this ‘package’ more widely in future years.



Start date: October 2016

Finish date: July 2017

4 ‘Participant Group’ Meetings



KS3-KS4: 10-12 schools


Participant cost



Work Group leader

Craig Jeavons