British Council – Pilot of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in Mathematics


NW Maths Hub 3 have been selected to lead secondary teachers of mathematics to take part in a pilot course focused on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in Mathematics in the Summer and Autumn Terms 2016-17.

This pilot is part of the Connecting Classrooms programme funded by the British Council which supports the professional development of teachers internationally. The programme focuses on six core skills:

· Critical thinking and problem solving

· Collaboration and communication

· Creativity & imagination

· Citizenship

· Digital literacy

· Student leadership and personal development

Critical thinking and problem solving are fundamental elements of mathematics learning. There is a greater focus on problem solving in the new curriculum and the new GCSE. Consequently the NCETM is working with the British Council to develop and pilot a new version of the module in the Connecting Classrooms programme that focuses on critical thinking and problem solving which will be focused on Mathematics.

24 teachers are currently involved in the pilot. These teachers will attend two separate days of training, Day 1 in Summer term 2016 and Day 2 in the Autumn term 2016, and will complete a gap task in their school between the two days. Support will be available from a programme mentor. Participants will also be asked to feedback on the pilot so that it can be reviewed and revised before being rolled out internationally.


Benefits of taking part

There is clear benefit in terms of the professional development focused on a key aspect of the national curriculum and new GCSE. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to develop an international professional partnership with an overseas school and to apply to the British Council for funding to visit the partner school.


Who might benefit from taking part?

The workshops are relevant to teachers of mathematics in KS3 and KS4.

The workshops also provide an opportunity for Maths Hub Leads to identify leads who could support others in this area.

Participants who are experienced leaders of professional development may also have the opportunity to become accredited trainers for the programme once it moves out of the pilot phase. Maths Hubs may encourage experienced PD Leads to apply for the pilot, as well as other teachers who might benefit.


Expectations of participants

Teachers participating will be expected to:

· Participate in the two days of training led by Creative Education, on behalf of the British Council and supported by the NCETM;

· Undertake a gap task in their school between the two days;

· Support the evaluation of the pilot.

Further details to follow…..