Use of high quality textbooks (linked to Singapore) - Maths No Problem


Intended Outcomes:

  • Children have a more positive attitude towards maths as they feel more confident to ‘have a go’ even if the answer may not be rght—strategies are used to support misconceptions
  • Children are more confident when discussing strategies with their peers—this supports them taking charge of their own learing and clarifying their knowledge
  • The gap between the lower ability group and advanced learners is beginning to close, as they work together to suport one another


Wave 1- 18 Primary Schools in St Helens, Wirral and Warrington

Wave 2- 30 Primary Schools across Ellesmere Port, Halton/Widnes/Runcorn, Liverpool and Knowsley

3 full days of training for year 1, 2 & 3 teachers from 18 schools in Singapore teaching methods and resources founded on training from Dr Yeap Ban Har

2 follow up Group Training sessions for each year group across each cluster of six schools, to troubleshoot, lead intensive lesson study, ensure understanding of core principles 2 Classroom Coaching sessions: each teacher to work alongside a trainer in class, refining practice, learning to mould language and responses for optimum impact

Sharing of good practice within the LPS

Leading development of practice in the other participant schools


Key Dates:  

Key dates and activity to be confirmed for 2016-17

Project Leads:

Lisa Bradshaw - NW Maths Hub 3

Mark Cotton - Our Lady of Pity (Wirral)

Kathy Hall - St Thomas of Canterbury (St Helens)