Teaching for Mastery NCP - Mastery Lead Teachers and Work Group Schools



The Secondary Mastery Specialists who are leading the national programme on behalf of NWMathsHub 3 are as follows:

Lindsay Porter - Secondary Maths Hub Lead is coordinating this work.

Ruth Swietlik - Byrchall High School, Wigan Liz Cowdell - St Hilda’s CE High school, Liverpool Amanda Sharples - Up Holland High School, Lancashire

The work group schools will be involved in a programme of support and development work involving all teachers from the lead and participating schools designed to introduce and encourage a teaching for mastery approach across the mathematics departments in those schools.

Activities will include the following: collaborative planning workshops, TRG-style lesson observations and dialogue in each of the “Mastery Specialist” schools during the year,  visits between WG schools to support sharing of practice, visits to primary Mastery Specialist school for TRG-style lesson observations and occasional wider openlesson events for other interested schools. 

The lead teacher will participate fully in the development programme and work on developing both understanding and practice:

  • Working with the support of the subject leader, the lead teacher will support the department in developing its approach to teaching for mastery
  • Working with the Maths Hub, the lead teacher will help with the wider work of the Hub, particularly in Year 3
  • The school’s senior leadership will support the department in its teaching for mastery development work, including ensuring the lead teacher receives the required release time

What will participation in the programme involve?

In the academic year 2018/19 participating schools will nominate a lead teacher to develop as the Mastery Specialist.

During this first year, the emphasis will be on the lead teacher developing her or his knowledge, understanding and skills of teaching for mastery and the work will amount to 15 days’ worth of time, funded at £200 per day and will include the following activities and tasks:  

4.5 days attending 3 central residentials (dates and locations to be confirmed);

11.5 days in-school and local development, including:
working on their own classroom practice
meeting with the Hub’s Secondary Teaching for Mastery Lead and wider team
visiting classrooms (Primary and Secondary) to see TfM in action
attending Shanghai Showcase events

How is the programme funded?

In 2018/19, the Maths Hub will cover the cost of the 15 days’ release time for the nominated Mastery Specialist, amounting to £3000 per school in total. In 2019/20, the Maths Hub will cover the cost of the 15 days’ release time for the nominated Mastery Specialist (£3000) and will fund the cost of the teacher enrolling and participating in the NCETM Accredited Secondary PD Leads programme. Travel costs to all the training residentials will also be covered. In 2020/21, the Maths Hub will cover the cost of 15 days’ release time at £350 per day (£5250) to support two other departments. In addition, £2000 will be paid to each department working with the specialist to support their developments.

This programme is FREE of Charge