Teaching for Mastery

Mastery of mathematics is something that we want pupils - all pupils - to acquire, or rather to continue acquiring throughout their school lives, and beyond. Understanding of teaching for mastery is well advanced in a large number of primary schools.

In secondary schools, while the objective - helping pupils develop deep understanding - is identical to that in primary, work is continuing to explore the most effective teaching approaches, given the context of older pupils heading in the direction of differing tier entries at GCSE, and different post-16 pathways. Increasingly, secondary schools in every Maths Hub area are engaged in exploratory and developmental work, with some already making significant changes in KS3, such as amending schemes of work to allow more time on each topic and incorporating the ‘Five Big Ideas’ into their everyday teaching.


Mastery materials

NCETM have worked with classroom-based teachers within the Maths Hubs network to produce a range of mastery materials. They provide professional development and guidance to help teachers develop a mastery approach in their classrooms and schools.

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What Mastery Means

5 Big Ideas